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Raw amber collar - Dog Necklace

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15.00 Grams
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Raw amber collar - Dog Necklace

Info about amber collars

It is essential to be aware that only raw amber has anti-parasitic properties. Products made from polished amber are only an adornment. The usage: amber collar must be worn that space between collar and neck would be about 2 cm, but it should not fall down when a pet bends its neck. The collar will be effective only when your pet is wearing it. 

Care: every 7-10 days amber collar has to be washed with warm water and drained with a piece of fabric. Once a month leave amber collar in the sun for a little while so that it would be even more efficient. Expire date: as long as amber collar is in a good condition, it is effective. Be rational and choose a natural and efficient product for your dear pet because it deserves the best. 

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