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What kind of jewelry is suitable for children?

Posted by BabyAmbereething on 25th Sep 2019

Children like adults want to dress up from their young days. Girls like to dress up the most. They watch their moms, their grandmothers ... They see a mom wearing a necklace, and a grandmother clasping her neck with jewels.

We want our little ones to be gorgeous and at the same time safe. So what kind of jewelry is suitable for babies?

Children's necklaces should be very lightweight for comfortable wearing. They should be round, with no sharp angles, to gently touch the children's body.

Beads should be warm, nice ... Glass beads are not suitable because they are cold and not suitable for babies. Chains and pendants also wear awkward ...

The beads must be securely tied in knots, the closure must be very rounded ... Amber beads are best suited for children. Baltic Amber is a warm natural combination of pine resin. It is very light in a variety of colors and most importantly natural. It can be argued that amber teething necklace and bracelet/anklet are best suited for babies.