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Amber jewelry for children

Amber jewelry for children

Posted by Babyamberteething on 30th Sep 2019

How beautiful when children are dressed in amber necklaces. They are very light and do not interfere with the movement of children. It has become fashionable to decorate children with jewelry made … read more
What to give to babies?

What to give to babies?

Posted by BabyAmbereething on 26th Sep 2019

A gift must always be beautiful and practical, and also fashionable. And what is it popular now to give babies? It is obviously a natural Baltic amber necklace. And what better necklace or bracelet … read more
What kind of jewelry is suitable for children?

What kind of jewelry is suitable for children?

Posted by BabyAmbereething on 25th Sep 2019

Children like adults want to dress up from their young days. Girls like to dress up the most. They watch their moms, their grandmothers ... They see a mom wearing a necklace, and a grandmother clas … read more

Lovely Smile

Posted by Frida on 14th Jul 2014

My name is Frida and I have 1 and a half year old baby girl Kira. Kira loves to smile. Even the first day after her birth all she did was smile. I just couldn’t stop enjoying her pretty little smil … read more

Amber Summer

Posted by Heather on 24th Jun 2014

Last summer I was on vacation with my husband Jack in Egypt. We bought a lot of souvenirs for ourselves and our friends and family. However one thing I did not have enough time to buy.We were in t … read more