Baby girl and her amber necklace

Posted by Kelly J. on 29th May 2014

Recently I purchased few amber necklaces when I was abroad in Europe. One was for me and the other one I got for my mother. She asked me to get one for her. So I thought why I don’t get one to … read more

To wear something everyday

Posted by Judith on 23rd May 2014

I love jewelry. My friends know that and they always try to surprise me with something pretty to wear on my neck, wrist or even ankle. This year my birthday was unforgettable. My friends bought me … read more

​Happy son and daughter

Posted by Alicia on 3rd May 2014

My name is Alicia and I have 2 year old girl Lilly and a teenage boy Joseph. First of all I would like to provide some information about my children. Lilly is a sweet little girl but she has some trou … read more

​My favorite jewelry

Posted by Layla M. on 2nd May 2014

I like to wear jewelry. I know what looks good, what is fashionable and pretty to wear. Recently I was under a lot of stress and pressure. The job was making me nervous and anxious. I would take medic … read more

My grandmother’s amber necklace

Posted by Lisa on 30th Apr 2014

I’m Lisa and I would like to express my gratitude. My grandmother left me this wonderful amber necklace which I really liked and appreciated. Unfortunately I lost it and I was devastated. It was … read more