Best Christmas

Posted by Katherine L. on 13th Jun 2014

Last Christmas was the best in my life so far. However everything started not so good. Few weeks before the Christmas my daughter Ariel started to feel not very well. She was always crying and being grumpy and anxious. Me and my husband were very worried and thought something was very wrong with our child.

After the visit from our pediatrician we found out that it was her teeth growing and that it was normal. The growing teeth caused the pain that was why she was crying.

We tried a lot of stuff to help her to relieve her growing teeth but nothing seemed to work. I even told my mother-in-law Heather about Ariel’s problem and she told me that she had a solution. She told me that she already had bought something for her growing teeth pain.

Luckily Heather was coming in two days for our Christmas Eve dinner. She brought something I have never heard of. She had bought baby amber teething necklace for Ariel. I was not sure how it was going to help her but I was willing to give it a try. Heather told me that this was Baltic amber and it was one of the best remedies to relieve growing teeth pain. Well I liked how it looked. The necklace was golden and it looked very nice on my baby’s neck.

For my surprise the second day she started to be less anxious and cried less than usual. She even started to smile more often. I was so relieved and happy that my little Ariel felt better.

Also my husband Tony got us a puppy. I always dreamed of having a pet in our household but Tony was against it. And this Christmas he surprised us with Precious cute golden retriever. I was never happier. My whole family here, celebrating my favorite holiday. I could never ask anyone more. Also I wanted to pay my gratitude to this shop for making my Ariel to feel better. She looks so pretty with her baby amber teething necklace!


Katherine L.