Baby girl and her amber necklace

Posted by Kelly J. on 29th May 2014

Recently I purchased few amber necklaces when I was abroad in Europe. One was for me and the other one I got for my mother. She asked me to get one for her. So I thought why I don’t get one too. I might give it a chance.

My mom told me that amber has some mysterious healing properties and that it does good to one’s body. I didn’t believe it and thought that it was something elder people read somewhere and believe immediately.

However, after wearing it for two weeks I started to feel different but in a good way. I was less stressed about my work and my allergies were not that bad as they always are. All thanks to my amber necklace.

But this is not what I wanted to share with you. I have a 1 year old baby girl Sierra. Her little teeth are growing and she is in a lot of pain. Because of this growing teeth pain she cannot sleep well. It is hard for me and for her also. I am a single mom and I am the only one who takes care of my lovely daughter. I love her so much and I want everything the best for her.

Of course my mother also helps me out from time to time. She was the one who suggest me trying baby amber teething necklaces. So I ordered one. I looked for necklace which was made from Baltic amber, because my necklace was made from Baltic amber and it is very effective.

I ordered light butterscotch oval amber teething necklace for baby. When I received the necklace I tried it on Sierra and it looked wonderful. Light citrus color looked great on my baby’s dark skin and hair. And the best was that after week of wearing it she started to sleep better and so I knew that the necklace was working and that it reduced her growing teeth pain.

Now I am happy and so is Sierra. We are always together, always with our amber necklaces.

With love,

Kelly J.