About Baltic amber teething anklet for baby

Posted by BalticAmberBabyTeething on 24th Mar 2018

We offer a wide range of 100% Baltic amber teething anklet for babies. Amber necklaces are a wonderful pick for anyone who enjoys wearing jewelry. Amber bracelets will make a great fashion statement. … read more

Baltic Amber Collar for Dog and Cat

19th Apr 2017

Spring brings warm weather and good mood. More and more time to spend in nature, go on a trip. Often times take your beloved pet. As the warm season to protect their four-legged friends, and disaster … read more

Cat free of any parasites

Posted by Gill on 16th Jul 2014

My cat Diamond is an outdoor cat. She just can’t stay at home all the time. She is always desperate to get out. Well, unless it is raining. Diamond has a black fur and our neighbor’s cat is also bl … read more

Lovely Smile

Posted by Frida on 14th Jul 2014

My name is Frida and I have 1 and a half year old baby girl Kira. Kira loves to smile. Even the first day after her birth all she did was smile. I just couldn’t stop enjoying her pretty little smil … read more

My healthy and happy dogs

Posted by Marina on 8th Jul 2014

I am an animal lover and I want what is best for my pets. At home I have two dogs. German Shepherd King and Irish Setter Jumbo. They both are very energetic dogs and enjoy spending their time outsi … read more