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Baltic amber teething bracelet for boy and girl

The bracelets our shop offers are used for babies and children from age of 3 to the age of 16 (the length of a bracelet depends accordingly on the age of a baby or a child). It is important to know that our amber bracelets are safe for babies to wear. The bracelets are made of round, oval and raw amber beads. There are plenty of colors to choose from. We guarantee total satisfaction of our products.

What can be cuter than a baby with a bracelet? Amber teething bracelets will make your baby look lovely. Amber is a natural product so the baby will feel closer to the nature in this fast growing technology world. Due to our bracelets durability it can be transferred from one generation to another. Bracelets can be worn not only to acquire the purpose of the beauty. As babies like to put almost everything into their mouths, amber bracelet is a perfect choice for that. While chewing amber teething bracelet, baby’s gums will be massaged and will not hurt so much. Our amber bracelets also can be worn on an ankle, thus making it a stylish anklet.

Bracelets go very well with any outfit. Your arm will look remarkable with our amber bracelet. The advantage of our amber bracelets is that they can be worn on your ankle, thus making it an anklet. Amber bracelets are an admirable and exquisite jewelry. You will stand out in the crowd by wearing them. Amber bracelet is one of the most popular jewelry among teenagers and young adults. They like to wear them because they want to look phenomenally and stylish. Two sets or more of amber bracelets can be purchased and used as friendship bracelets. It is a perfect gift to your best friend. Friendship amber bracelet will surely make a unique surprise.
Bracelets are made round, oval, raw and chip amber beads. The thread used to swing the beads is very strong and does not break. We guarantee the quality of our products and customers.