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Baltic amber teething anklet for boy and girl

Our amber teething anklets will definitely look splendidly on your wrist. They are great jewelry for babies.
Bracelets are produced by using round, oval, raw and chip amber beads. You can select from many colors to fulfill your needs. The thread used in making bracelets is very durable. Our shop guarantees quality of our products and satisfaction of customers.
There are many places in the world where amber can be found, however the word amber is often associated with Baltic amber. The cultural and economic significance of Baltic amber is very important. It has been recognized as a luxury item and became an important trade product. Baltic amber is valued for its natural healing properties.
Amber is a fossilized tree resin, or sap. When a tree's bark is destroyed - the tree is cut down or when there is an interruption of the hard outer bark – sap leaches out. Amber baby bracelets are made from polished chips of the resin.
The necklaces were made by keeping all strict quality control, thus we guarantee you a complete customer satisfaction.
Babies do not chew on them as they would chew a teething toy. This bracelet is worn over the neck. It is short so that it is unable to reach the Babies chin, thereby preventing the baby from chewing it. The babies body which is always warm releases succinic acid from the amber.
As a couple you might want to wear something alike. Amber necklace is a great choice for this. From a huge variety of our necklaces you can choose the one you really like and you think is stylish and fits your style. Usually darker color amber beads are used to make necklaces for men, however there are some exceptions. We suggest you to wear amber necklaces in a way that they would touch the skin to get all health benefits of the amber.
Our necklaces do not contain any chemicals and were produced according to all strict safety and quality control. With our handmade products we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.