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Amber teething anklet bracelet baby "cherry"

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Shop now polished amber bracelet, big discount, very good present amber anklet for boy.

Baltic amber beads: round.

Amber color: polished cherry. 

Pretty natural teething anklet made especially for children. Amber has interesting properties: Baltic Amber has many natural colors: Light color is lemon, honey, milky, light green. Dark color is cognac, cherry, dark green. Dark amber is suitable for baby boy. Best gift for baby girl is a small amber baby anklet from light amber beads. Amber beads are polished and unpolished. Polished white amber is polished with natural wood materials (small wood beads). Unpolished amber (raw) is most effective for children. Now is a very popular Baltic amber teething anklet for babies. Try amber baby jewelry today, shop online on our store. We have many different sizes and colors amber product for babies. 

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