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Raw amber collars for your pets

Do you have a pet and do you like taking long walks together in the nature? Or maybe do you have a cat which you let outside? Then you should be worried with your pet’s health. We are sure you want your pet to be protected against any ticks and fleas. If you are against any use of chemicals then amber collars are perfect alternative. Amber collars not only will be a great protection for your pet from unwanted parasites but will also be a unique decoration.

In Germany it was scientifically proven that amber has a positive effect on animals. Amber collars are very popular in Europe nowadays because people want natural and ecological products such as amber.  

Amber is ecological and natural resin product. When it constantly rubs to your pet’s fur, it spreads smell of tar and resin which repulses parasites from attacking. Amber charges pet’s fur hair with electricity, thus not letting fleas to attach them to fur. It is a great defense against unwanted parasites as well as a wonderful decoration for your pet.

 Do not wait any longer and try this new way of protecting your beloved cats and dogs. They will surely be happier free of any fleas and ticks. Also pay attention that no chemicals were used during the production and that amber collars do not harm your pet’s well being. We want what is best for your pets.

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