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Legends and myths about origin of amber

Nations which knew about amber for centuries speculated where this wonderful nature gift came from. While for the sake of science it wasn’t know much about amber, nations created varieties of legends and myths about amber according to their living conditions and customs. Some of the legends and myths reached our times. Those myths attributed amber to divine origin as most nature phenomena which was not understood well.
The famous Roman poet Ovid in the beginning of our era rhymed a myth about Phaethon who in the tragic finale explains the origin of amber. Amber, according to Ovid, is the tears poured for Phaeton of the sun god Helios wife Clymene and their daughters’. The god wanted to ride his father’s Helios sun carriage. Unfortunately he could not manage the horses and he got too close to the earth and set it on fire. Because of this Zeus imprisoned him in Eridanus River. Phaethon mother Clymene and sisters were very sad and cried a lot. While they were crying they became trees. From the trees the sap dropped. It got hard and became amber with the help of the sun and fell in the river which sent the amber to roman women to spruce up.
Legends about amber were created and in Lithuania. They were created with the inspiration of poetic Lithuanian seashore. The worried Baltic Sea throws amber to the golden Lithuanian beaches. The more sea gets worried it throws more amber pieces and sometimes even bigger amber nuggets.
Such poetic journey of amber gave birth to this fantastic legend which tells that every piece of amber is the fruit of true and tragic love. That is why amber is clear as a tear, just like the love between Jurate and Kastytis.
This happened a long time ago. God Perkunas was the supreme and goddess Jurate lived in the bottom of the Baltic Sea in the amber palace. She was the pretties of all goddesses and never knew what human love was.
In the sea near Sventoji River the brave fisherman Kastytis was catching the fish from the kingdom of Jurate. Jurate sent mermaids to warn Kastytis not to trouble the sea and not to scare the fish. However Kastytis was not afraid of Jurate’s warnings and continued fishing with nets. Jurate fell in love with Kastytis because of his bravery and handsome looks and took him to her amber palace. When Perkunas found out that Jurate fell in love with a human he became mad. He with his thunder lightning destroyed the palace, killed Kastytis and locked Jurate to the ruins of the palace. Here she always cries for her tragic love. The waves drop pieces of amber palace ruins and smaller pieces are the tears of Jurate.

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