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How are amber necklaces and bracelets made?

First of all amber beads of the right size and color are chosen. Then they are strung on a double thread (which does not break). Later on the knots are made between the beads. The knots must be professionally made for not to leave space between the beads. Finally a safe fastener is chosen with the right color. It is easy and comfortable to use the fastener.

Amber beads are made in round and oval forms. Each bead is processed very carefully by our professional artisans, who have strong experience in this job. We have been maintaining our business for more than 20 years.

An ideal form of an amber bead is made by polishing amber pieces only using hand tools. Amber is selected and assorted according to its size and color. Baltic amber has many colors to choose from: lemon, honey, cherry, cognac, green, white… All amber colors are selected carefully. Necklaces are made only using beads of the same color. Every natural Baltic amber necklace is unique because each amber bead is unique.

Quality necklaces are those which had their holes drilled right through the middle. This is a safe way because the bead will never split in half. If the hole is drilled on the side, there is a greater chance for a bead to crack in case of it falling down on a hard surface. We thoroughly choose only perfectly made amber pieces and then we make amber necklaces and bracelets. That is why products made in our workshop are of very high quality and also pass all requirements of safety.

We offer highest quality for the lowest price because we are the producers. If you would like to have something unique and individually made only for you - contact us.

Our products fit the description in the photos which are provided. When on order will be made you will receive products exactly those which were shown in the picture.

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