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Why do you need to buy amber teething necklace, bracelet and anklet?

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It was a nice and sunny day when I noticed that my daughter and neighbor’s kids were playing together outside. I was watching them because my daughter had some socialization problems. Now she has started to interact with neighbor’s kids.

I noticed that she had problems communicating with other children. When she came back home I asked her why was she playing alone. She said that all of the children had amber necklaces and she didn't. Also she added that her friend Mona even has amber anklet on her leg which her grandmother gave her for her birthday.

My daughter looked very sad. I talked with my neighbors and they told me that they had been buying amber necklaces and bracelets for a very long time. Also they mentioned that their children loved amber products very much.

I started to search information about Baltic amber and found out many interesting things such as how valuable it is and that it has healing properties. Baltic amber is a natural product formed from pine resin.

I decide to buy amber necklace and bracelet for my daughter. I bought them from Lithuanian manufacturers because they offer the lowest price for the high quality products. I got the package after one month and I was truly satisfied with the products I received. When I checked the quality of the jewelry I was assured that it was 100% Baltic amber

Now my daughter is very content. She is happy to show her amber necklace and bracelet to her friends.

All of the children play together including my daughter.

I thought that if amber jewelry makes my daughter so glad I will buy more amber products. I will purchase necklaces and bracelets of different models and colors and give them to her on every occasion so my daughter would be always happy. 

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