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To wear something everyday

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I love jewelry. My friends know that and they always try to surprise me with something pretty to wear on my neck, wrist or even ankle. This year my birthday was unforgettable. My friends bought me amber jewelry set.

The set consists of amber necklace, bracelet and anklet. When I opened the gift I was very surprised because I never had any amber related jewelry. To be honest I have never seen or touched amber. This was my first time having amber in my hands.

The necklace was made from round beads while bracelet was made from raw beads and finally, anklet was made from oval beads. I was pleasantly amazed how colorful amber jewelry was. They were of yellow, red and brownish colors.

I wanted to try my new jewelry immediately. The amber necklace looked amazing on my neck and it matched my yellow dress. I left the necklace on my neck for the rest duration of the birthday party. I couldn’t thank enough for my friends for this wonderful gift.

After my birthday my fascination with amber jewelry is still there. I wear them every day. I even noticed that I started to feel less stressed. My friends mentioned that my necklace, bracelet and anklet were made from Baltic amber. I looked on the internet for more information about this amber and found out that it has healing properties. Also I got to know that amber has a very interesting history and that Baltic people value this gemstone.

My husband noticed how content I am with my amber jewelry and offered to buy me some more of them. I asked my friends to tell me the name of the online shop from which they purchased my gift. I wanted to buy from the same shop because the quality of their amber products is just amazing. I ordered 2 more necklaces and 1 more bracelet. It was so difficult to select from because all of their products are beautiful.

I am definitely going to buy more of their products. Also I would like to thank my friends for this awesome gift.



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