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Amber Summer

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Last summer I was on vacation with my husband Jack in Egypt. We bought a lot of souvenirs for ourselves and our friends and family. However one thing I did not have enough time to buy.

We were in the market and I saw this stand which had amber statues, necklaces and other stuff. Unfortunately I did not have cash with me only my credit card. And there was not enough time to find an ATM.

I really wanted one necklace. This amber necklace was golden and I did not have any jewelry of this color. But then we came back home from the trip and I totally forgot about it.

One late spring day I was looking through the photos from our trip to Egypt and this one photo of us in the market next to the stand which sold amber products remind me that I really wanted this golden amber necklace.

Then I started googling where I could buy amber jewelry. And found this website. I was surprised with the variety it offered. It even sells baby amber teething necklaces to relief growing teeth pain.

At once I ordered one amber necklace for myself and one amber teething necklace for my niece. She is 1 year old and my brother told me that she cannot sleep because of her growing little teeth.

Finally the summer came and I received my package. I really liked the products’ quality. They felt really good in my hand. Baby amber teething necklace indeed helped my niece to relief the growing teeth pain. And me – well I am very happy with my necklace. I have this golden dress and I really needed some jewelry to go with it.

This summer will be Amber Summer. All my friends have been asking me where I got this wonderful amber necklace. They also want to get one and be unique and fashionable. I am so glad that I inspire my friends.


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