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Best purchase of my life

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Hey! I am Lucy and I am 16 years old. At one party I noticed a friend wearing amber bracelet and I liked it very much. It looked so cool and fashionable. Immediately I asked my friend where from she got the bracelet. She recommended me this online shop.

The next day I went on this site and looked through the products. At once I noticed a bracelet which I really loved. Unfortunately I did not have money, so I had to get a job. Of course I could buy cheap amber bracelet, but I wanted good quality jewelry. I offered my aunt to be her babysitter. She was happy to accept my services.

I read that their products are made by the best professionals and that they are very durable. Also for me it was important that no chemical were used during the production.

For my surprise I found that the same bracelet can be worn as an anklet. I was happy to know that. Never in my life had I had any jewelry for my ankle, so I was excited to try one on.

After few weeks of babysitting finally I had the right amount of money to buy my amber bracelet. I ordered it and could not way till I got my bracelet. Of course it took some time to arrive but it was all worth it.

It was a nice and sunny day so it was perfect moment to try my new amber bracelet/anklet on. The first time I wore it as anklet. Later I changed it to a bracelet. It was so much fun. My friends also loved it.

Right now I am continuing to work as babysitter in order to buy amber necklace. I think it will be a wonderful addition to my amber bracelet. I am going to buy it from the same online shop because I really like the quality of their products and the price range is very affordable. As well the service was very pleasant. I had few questions and they answered them immediately.


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