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Symbol of our love

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Hey! I am Maya. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years now. His name is Arthur and I can’t imagine my life without him. Last month was our 3 year anniversary. We promised each other not to buy any gifts but we both knew that that is not going to happen.

I wanted to get him something special, something that he would have always together with him and remind him of our love. So I looked up for original gift ideas and immediately amber necklaces caught my eyes.

My mother has one amber necklace which she purchased recently. She told me the name of the online shop and added that the shop had excellent service.

I took a look at her necklace and I really liked the quality of the necklace. At that moment I thought to myself to buy two amber necklaces: one for Arthur and another for me. So I ordered two same design necklaces just different sizes. As I know that my boyfriend likes darker colors I picked “Dark Green” amber necklaces.

Finally the day of our three year anniversary came. I was very anxious to know if he was going to like my present. Arthur got me an engagement ring and I was very happy. I couldn’t stop smiling and crying at the same time. Then I gave him amber necklace which he liked very much. He told me that it is going to be his engagement necklace.

We both love to wear our amber necklaces. They are symbol of our strong and endless love. The necklace and the ring look so nice. Everywhere I go and feel the necklace on my neck or see my engagement ring I think about my lovely future husband.

Now we are planning our wedding and we are thinking about having our bridesmaids and groomsmen to wear amber jewelry. It is going to be a special day for us!

With love,


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