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Outfit for christening

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Hey! My name is Susan and I would like to share my story with you. So my sister asked me to be the godmother to her daughter. I was very glad and said yes. The little girl was only seven month old and her name is Robin.

My duty as a godmother was to take care of Robin’s outfit during the christening. I found this light golden dress which looked fabulous but I still needed some jewelry to go with it. As I knew that Robin’s teeth were starting to show, I immediately thought about amber teething necklaces for babies.

I asked my husband which amber was the best and he told me that Baltic amber products are the most valuable around the world. I found this online shop and it is amazing. The variety of products is just incredible.

I decided that Robin should wear a whole set of amber jewelry: necklace, bracelet and anklet. Of course the design I chose was raw amber beads. They are considered the most natural ones. Also I was going to have little cross attached to the baby amber teething necklace. And then I thought that I should also get a different one for her growing teeth.

The outfit looked brilliant with amber jewelry. My sister was very satisfied with my choice. And the little girl seemed to enjoy it as well.

After few weeks my sister called me to thank me for the greatest gift ever. She couldn’t believe that this round bead baby amber teething necklace could help Robin’s growing teeth pain. She was sleeping like a little angel that she is.

I am so proud to be her godmother and I am willing to take care of her as much as I could. I hope that these amber necklaces are going to remind her of her loving godmother.



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