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My little angel

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My lovely son and his wife had a daughter. Her name is Stacy and she is such a sweetheart. Unfortunately we live very far away from each other. I only get to see her once or twice in a year. Of course I try to chat with them via Skype but it is not the same as being able to be near your loved ones.

I thought one day that I would like to give something nice and meaningful to my granddaughter. Something that she could use every day and that it would remind her of her loving grandmother.

For a long time I was planning to get myself amber necklace because my girlfriends told me that amber has some healing properties and that it is good for ones well being. So I looked on the internet for more information concerning amber and found out about amber teething necklaces which are wonderful for babies. Stacy is only 3 month old and her teeth are not growing yet but I think that this gift would be perfect. Babies grow so fast that it will take no time before her teeth would start showing.

My dear friend recommended this online shop because she had purchased amber products from this shop before. She told me that here you get the best quality product for the lowest price. Also she added that amber teething necklaces are made according to all safety standards and are safe for the babies. Furthermore I read that baby amber teething necklaces help to relieve growing teeth pain.

I want all the best for my little Stacy so I ordered two necklaces and an anklet which she could wear during the night. For myself I ordered one amber necklace which looks fabulous in the picture. When I received the package with the necklaces I prayed that they would look exactly how they were in the photos. For my surprise they looked even better in my hands.

After few weeks they came to visit me and I gave little Stacy her baby amber teething necklaces and the anklet. She seemed to enjoy the gift. We even took a photo together wearing amber necklaces. The photo now sits on my nightstand so I could enjoy the smiling little angel of my life.

With love,


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