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My healthy and happy dogs

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I am an animal lover and I want what is best for my pets. At home I have two dogs. German Shepherd King and Irish Setter Jumbo. They both are very energetic dogs and enjoy spending their time outside running.

We live outside the city and we are surrounded by huge areas of forests and lakes. These places we visit almost every day. So it is natural that I am afraid that my dogs can catch ticks and other parasites.

I always have them wear protective collars against various parasites which I bought in pet shop. However I read that these collars are not very good for a pet’s health. And to be honest the collars did not do their job properly. One time after a walk in the forest I found a tick on King’s fur. Luckily it did not start to leech.

After this event I started searching for a natural alternative to protect my pets against ticks and fleas. I found that amber is ecological and natural product which protects pets from unwanted parasites. I was hoping to find a quality product with a good price ratio.

This shop offers amber collars for cats and dogs. The most important thing is that they offer raw amber collars. Because polished amber is not effective. I really liked that instructions were provided how to wear it and how to take care of collars.

I am very happy with the collars. The dogs look great with them. It is not only a great and natural way to protect my puppies but also now they look very elegant with amber necklaces.

I have been using these amber collars for a month now and I have no complaints. I want to encourage other pet owners to choose only natural products which are even more effective than those commercial ones. Love and take care of your animals!



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