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My grandmother’s amber necklace

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I’m Lisa and I would like to express my gratitude. My grandmother left me this wonderful amber necklace which I really liked and appreciated. Unfortunately I lost it and I was devastated. It was the only thing which reminded me of her. I and my granny were very close.

But one day as I was surfing the net for baby amber teething necklaces for my baby boy, I noticed something. As I already knew how helpful amber necklaces are for growing baby teeth I directly looked for Baltic amber. While I was selecting which one to get for my boy one necklace caught my eye.

The necklace almost looked like the one that my grandmother left me. I was so excited because I searched for similar amber necklaces previously and couldn’t find any. Another great thing was that I could also find amber teething necklace that looked like the necklace I found for myself.

I had to wait a while for the package but it was all worth it. When I finally got it, I couldn’t stop smiling because the necklace was almost identical to the one my granny had. She got her necklace in Lithuania when she was visiting the country. Because the new amber necklace looks like the old one I can be sure that it is of very good quality.

My little one also is very content with his new jewelry. His sleepless nights ended as well as mine. He is calmer and smiles much more often.

I like to wear my amber necklace when I and my son go for a walk. He wears his necklace also. I feel very flattered when we receive lovely compliments about our amber necklaces. Some people are even curious where I got them from. I am glad to share the information where to get them.

So I am greatly thankful for this online shop. Every time I put on my amber necklace I think of my grandmother. Sweet old memories come back and my heart fills with warmth. Also I’m glad that my son found a relief with growing teeth pain.

With love,


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