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​My favorite jewelry

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I like to wear jewelry. I know what looks good, what is fashionable and pretty to wear. Recently I was under a lot of stress and pressure. The job was making me nervous and anxious. I would take medicine and it would calm me down. But I am against of constant use of drugs. So I started to search for alternative to medicine.

I remembered that once my friend in the office told me that she started to wear amber necklace in order to lower the stress and that it would help her. I was very skeptical about that.

However now I really was eager to try something that was not drugs to lower my stress levels. So I searched the net and found this website. I was really surprised that you could purchase not only amber necklaces but also amber bracelets as well as amber anklets.

As I am jewelry lover I instantly ordered necklace, bracelet and anklet. Also I did small research about Baltic amber and found out that it has many healing properties. I was very impatient to get my order. Finally it came.

I was very happy with the content. Amber jewelry looked exactly the way it was shown in the online shop. I tried them on and I was not disappointed how they looked on me. Especially I liked amber anklet. I never had anything to wear on my ankle. Summer is approaching and I will be glad to have it on.

One week passed and I started feeling much better. I was less stressed about my work and didn’t take any medicine. I was very surprised the way amber helped me. My co-worker offered me to start doing yoga together. She said that combination of yoga and amber necklace is a perfect way to defeat stress. She also added that she never felt better in her life than when she began doing yoga while wearing her amber necklace.

Now it has been a month when I have started doing yoga and I can tell that it really did my good. I feel like a new person. My work rarely stresses me out but when it does I have my own medicine: yoga and my amber necklace, bracelet and anklet. They became my favorite jewelry.

Layla M.

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