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Lovely Smile

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My name is Frida and I have 1 and a half year old baby girl Kira. Kira loves to smile. Even the first day after her birth all she did was smile. I just couldn’t stop enjoying her pretty little smile.

However the age when my daughter’s teeth started to grow had come and her smiling changed to a constant crying. She even couldn’t sleep properly. Ever night she cried and I was worried like crazy.

Then I finally took my girl to see a doctor and she told me that Kira’s teeth are growing and that it is normal to experience growing teeth pain. She recommended some chewing toys.

Unfortunately Kira did not like them and they were of no use. I tried rubbing her gums with natural honey but it also did not work. Then on the internet I found out about amber baby teething necklaces.

I was desperate to try anything as long as I could find something to find a relief for my girl.

First of all I was very surprised by the variety of amber necklaces offered in this online shop. Also I like that the products of this shop are safe for children to wear. And finally I did not know that amber had healing properties. So I decided to order one amber necklace for me and one for Kira.

Finally the necklaces came and I was astonished by the quality of the products. Also they included linen bags which are very convenient to keep amber necklaces in. After my girl was wearing the necklace for a week I noticed an immediate change in her. She started to smile again. I was so glad that I couldn’t stop taking pictures of her.

As for me, the necklace really helped me to feel more relax. I feel less stressed. Also amber necklace is a great addition to my jewelry collection.

Sometimes we enjoy wearing amber necklaces at the same time and taking pictures to share on social media sites. I am very happy that my daughter is smiling again.

With love, Frida

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