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Like mother like daughter

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Everything started when I bought this Baltic amber necklace “Cognac”. My 6 year old daughter Maria started to wear my jewelry. She even tried to wear my shoes and clothes. But when she saw the new amber necklace she insisted on wearing it all the time.

I was a little bit worried that it was too big for her and that she might do something to hurt herself. So I decided to get exactly the same amber necklace just with right measurements. While browsing in the online shop I noticed amber bracelets. I ordered “Cherry” amber bracelets for me and my daughter because I thought it would match and look great together with our amber necklaces.

After we received the order we tried our amber jewelry instantly. Maria was so glad and I was very content with the quality of the products. Also I had few questions about measurements and the staff here was very pleasant and helpful. They answered all of my questions very fast.

After this my girl Maria started to ask me for more stuff like clothes, shoes to look like mine. When we go shopping I try to select some clothes to look similar to mine. It is not always possible but we found some awesome outfits.

We always have one day in a week when we dress alike. Also we do not forget our favorite jewelry – amber necklaces and bracelets. Me and Maria dress up and go for a walk in the park or sometimes we go to the mall. People always compliment our outfits and amber jewelry.

I am very glad that my daughter looks up to me. She even tries to do household chores with me. Maria imagines that she is doing the dishes, doing laundry or cleaning the floor. My sweetheart looks so adorable doing so. She refuses to take of her amber necklace and bracelet. The girl wears them every day. Only during the night she takes them off for safety reasons.

Maria even asked for a new amber necklace for her birthday, so I said if she was going to be a good girl, I would buy her the new one. Right now she is on her best behavior and I am loving it!


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