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How and when to wear amber necklace

Amber is not only wonderful but it is also endearing. Amber can be found in a variety of sizes and shades. Handmade amber necklaces are beautiful and versatile. Often any handmade jewelry is unique and environmentally friendly. You can select from a variety of amber jewelry styles such as round, oval or raw amber beads. The shades of yellow, [...]

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Closer to the nature with Baltic amber

Hello everyone! My name is Ruth. Me and my family live in a big city. I have a little boy Mark who is only 1 year and 4 month old. My husband and I love our little boy very much. As we live in a fast moving city, we want our child to be as close to the nature [...]

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Amber jewelry set for my twins

My name is Clark and I am stay at home dad. My wife has a very busy job. So I take care of our children. We have a son who is 10 years old and twin daughters 2 years old. I want to share you my story about what happened. When my daughters Christy and Ariel were 1 year [...]

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Baltic amber jewelry for my little girl

My name is Jenny and I have a nice family. Two sons: Tony who is 3 years old and Paul who is 8 years old.Also I have a little girl Megan who is only 1 year old. My daughter is always anxious, doesn’t sleep well and constantly cries. I try to take care of her, make sure she feels happy. [...]

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Why do you need to buy amber teething necklace, bracelet and anklet?

It was a nice and sunny day when I noticed that my daughter and neighbor’s kids were playing together outside. I was watching them because my daughter had some socialization problems. Now she has started to interact with neighbor’s kids. I noticed that she had problems communicating with other children. When she came back home I asked [...]

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