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Best Christmas

Last Christmas was the best in my life so far. However everything started not so good. Few weeks before the Christmas my daughter Ariel started to feel not very well. She was always crying and being grumpy and anxious. Me and my husband were very worried and thought something was very wrong with our child.After the visit from our pediatrician [...]

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My little angel

My lovely son and his wife had a daughter. Her name is Stacy and she is such a sweetheart. Unfortunately we live very far away from each other. I only get to see her once or twice in a year. Of course I try to chat with them via Skype but it is not the same as being able [...]

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Best purchase of my life

Hey! I am Lucy and I am 16 years old. At one party I noticed a friend wearing amber bracelet and I liked it very much. It looked so cool and fashionable. Immediately I asked my friend where from she got the bracelet. She recommended me this online shop.The next day I went on this site and looked through the [...]

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Baby girl and her amber necklace

Recently I purchased few amber necklaces when I was abroad in Europe. One was for me and the other one I got for my mother. She asked me to get one for her. So I thought why I don’t get one too. I might give it a chance.My mom told me that amber has some mysterious healing properties and that [...]

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To wear something everyday

I love jewelry. My friends know that and they always try to surprise me with something pretty to wear on my neck, wrist or even ankle. This year my birthday was unforgettable. My friends bought me amber jewelry set.The set consists of amber necklace, bracelet and anklet. When I opened the gift I was very surprised because I never had [...]

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​Happy son and daughter

My name is Alicia and I have 2 year old girl Lilly and a teenage boy Joseph. First of all I would like to provide some information about my children. Lilly is a sweet little girl but she has some troubles. Her teeth are growing and she has pains. She sleeps not well. Lilly tends [...]

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​My favorite jewelry

I like to wear jewelry. I know what looks good, what is fashionable and pretty to wear. Recently I was under a lot of stress and pressure. The job was making me nervous and anxious. I would take medicine and it would calm me down. But I am against of constant use of drugs. So [...]

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My grandmother’s amber necklace

I’m Lisa and I would like to express my gratitude. My grandmother left me this wonderful amber necklace which I really liked and appreciated. Unfortunately I lost it and I was devastated. It was the only thing which reminded me of her. I and my granny were very close.But one day as I was surfing the [...]

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Best gift – baby amber teething necklace

Hey! My name is Sam. I have a 2 year old niece Katherine. She is quite anxious little baby. She doesn’t sleep well. She tends to wake up in the middle of the night and start crying. My sister and her husband don’t know what to do about it.I told them that it must be because of her growing [...]

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Friends again with amber bracelets

My name is Alison and I want to share a story with you about what happened with my daughter and her best friend. My daughter’s name is Justine and she is seven years old.She has a best friend named Beth. They have been best friends since they were 4 years old. Justine and Beth always spent their free time [...]

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