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Baltic Amber Collar for Dog and Cat


Spring brings warm weather and good mood. More and more time to spend in nature, go on a trip. Often times take your beloved pet. As the warm season to protect their four-legged friends, and disaster prevention and worries.

For several years traded amber necklace and dog breeders use them. Their operation consists in the fact that amber creates a negative electrostatic charge of the vernacular words - electrified hair, and the parasite is uncomfortable to climb onto the hair. Performance is, but it's not 100 percent. protection.

It is a natural tool for your pet from fleas and ticks. If you do not use chemicals for their pets, amber collar - a great alternative.

Amber collar for dog

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Cat free of any parasites

My cat Diamond is an outdoor cat. She just can’t stay at home all the time. She is always desperate to get out. Well, unless it is raining. Diamond has a black fur and our neighbor’s cat is also black. Sometimes when the cats are far away from me I sometimes can’t separate them apart. There were many times [...]

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Lovely Smile

My name is Frida and I have 1 and a half year old baby girl Kira. Kira loves to smile. Even the first day after her birth all she did was smile. I just couldn’t stop enjoying her pretty little smile.However the age when my daughter’s teeth started to grow had come and her smiling changed to a constant crying. [...]

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My healthy and happy dogs

I am an animal lover and I want what is best for my pets. At home I have two dogs. German Shepherd King and Irish Setter Jumbo. They both are very energetic dogs and enjoy spending their time outside running.We live outside the city and we are surrounded by huge areas of forests and lakes. These places we visit almost [...]

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Amber Summer

Last summer I was on vacation with my husband Jack in Egypt. We bought a lot of souvenirs for ourselves and our friends and family. However one thing I did not have enough time to buy.We were in the market and I saw this stand which had amber statues, necklaces and other stuff. Unfortunately I did not have cash with [...]

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Outfit for christening

Hey! My name is Susan and I would like to share my story with you. So my sister asked me to be the godmother to her daughter. I was very glad and said yes. The little girl was only seven month old and her name is Robin.My duty as a godmother was to take care of Robin’s outfit during [...]

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Baltic amber teething necklaces

Amber teething necklaces – always together, even in the shower!Emily and Toby started wearing amber teething necklaces a long time ago.They like their necklaces so much, that Emily and Toby wears them all the time. When Emily was little she had some problems with her skin. It was suggested to try out raw amber necklaces, bracelets or anklets made out [...]

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Family photo

Two months ago my uncle told me to take a picture of my family because he was planning to make a family tree album. I wanted that the photo of my husband, my little girl and me would represent our values and show how united we are.My husband Tony and I were trying to find a way to express [...]

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Symbol of our love

Hey! I am Maya. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years now. His name is Arthur and I can’t imagine my life without him. Last month was our 3 year anniversary. We promised each other not to buy any gifts but we both knew that that is not going to happen.I wanted to get him something special, [...]

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Like mother like daughter

Everything started when I bought this Baltic amber necklace “Cognac”. My 6 year old daughter Maria started to wear my jewelry. She even tried to wear my shoes and clothes. But when she saw the new amber necklace she insisted on wearing it all the time.I was a little bit worried that it was too big for her and that she [...]

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