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How and when to wear amber necklace

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Amber is not only wonderful but it is also endearing. Amber can be found in a variety of sizes and shades. Handmade amber necklaces are beautiful and versatile. Often any handmade jewelry is unique and environmentally friendly. You can select from a variety of amber jewelry styles such as round, oval or raw amber beads. The shades of yellow, orange and red can compliment any skin tone.  Amber necklaces, bracelets and anklets make great gifts for any occasion.

Here are some tips to help you to wear your amber jewelry.

Wearing amber jewelry on weekdays: of course amber jewelry is perfect for everyday wear. It should be not difficult to find subtle amber necklace to wear to the office with skirt or even suit. Small amber beads are excellent for weekday wear and go well with other usual jewelry.

Wearing amber jewelry on weekends: amber necklaces can be simple enough for a Saturday morning trip to the market or a Sunday afternoon art gallery visit. Put on your necklace with a leather cuff bracelet or silver ring, it will look great.

Wearing amber jewelry in the evening: for the evening out you can easily wear your amber. Wear a long amber necklace with a sexy dress or with swingy skirt. This outfit will be spot on for an evening in a nice restaurant or music event. You can make your necklace stand out in the crowd by pairing it with other gemstone jewelry.

Wearing amber jewelry for special occasions: if you have a birthday or someone’s wedding coming up, you can easily plan an outfit around your amber necklace. Pair a splendid amber necklace with a long evening gown, a stack of gold bracelets and chandelier gemstone earrings.

Let’s not forget our little ones. Baby amber teething necklace will look exceptional on your baby. It will not only make a child look amazing but also will help with the pains of his or her growing teeth.

The most important thing is to experiment and to find out what suits you best. Try asking your husband or a friend, which outfit is the best for you, do not be afraid. As you have read amber necklaces and bracelets are ideal for any occasion. Pick a few necklaces and have yourself a great jewelry for whenever you need one. With amber necklace you will not only look beautiful but also exclusive.

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