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​Happy son and daughter

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My name is Alicia and I have 2 year old girl Lilly and a teenage boy Joseph. First of all I would like to provide some information about my children.

Lilly is a sweet little girl but she has some troubles. Her teeth are growing and she has pains. She sleeps not well. Lilly tends to wake up several times during the night and starts crying. My heart aches when I see my little girl cry.

Joseph is like a typical teenage boy. However he has some problems with confidence. Because of that it is hard for him to talk with the girls.

One day my husband came back from work and he told me that he read on internet forums that growing teeth pain for babies can by reduced with teething amber necklaces. Also he said that amber calms down people and helps to fight allergies.

At first I was not very impressed with this, but later I searched the net and found forum for mothers. I chatted with some mothers and they told me that amber teething necklaces really help babies with their growing teeth. They as well said that amber is a natural product and that Baltic amber is one of the best.

With recommendations of other mothers I decided that I will purchase a necklace for Lilly. While I was selecting which necklace to get for my girl I noticed one for boys which I thought would perfectly suit Joseph. He likes darker colors and the necklace was with round dark amber beads mixed with lighter colors. My son never wears any jewelry but I thought that maybe it would help his issues with confidence.

I received the package and I was delighted with amber necklaces. The quality was superb and they felt good next to the skin.

Lilly instantly liked her necklace. Her sleep has gotten much better and her growing teeth pain reduced. However, Joseph did not seem happy with his necklace. He even refused to wear it. I begged him to try to wear it at least one time. He accepted my wish and put on amber necklace when he went to the school. When he came back home Joseph was all smiling and told me what had happened. He said that he received a lot of compliments from girls about his amber necklace. They even invited him to go to the movies. Now my son wears his necklace all the time. He even asked a new one for his birthday.

Joseph said that I was the best mother in the world. I was so happy to hear those words. All thanks to amber necklaces.

Best wishes,


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