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Friends again with amber bracelets

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My name is Alison and I want to share a story with you about what happened with my daughter and her best friend. My daughter’s name is Justine and she is seven years old.

She has a best friend named Beth. They have been best friends since they were 4 years old. Justine and Beth always spent their free time playing together. Especially they liked sleepover weekends.

However, one day Justine came home and told me that she and Beth had an argument and now they are not best friends anymore. It was hard to see my daughter sad. So I decided to do something in order to repair their friendship.

I know one thing that both girls have in common. They both like jewelry. That’s why I decided to buy them friendship bracelets.

It wasn’t hard to think of what kind of bracelets to buy. I immediately decided to buy a pair of amber bracelets.

A few years ago I bought amber necklace which I love to wear every day. I wanted that amber would be 100% Baltic amber because my grandmother once said that it was the best. So I knew from which online shop to get amber bracelets for my daughter and her friend. I am very content with the quality of my amber necklace so I think that bracelets are going to be as good.

I told Justine about my plans of buying friendship bracelets and she seemed very glad. I showed her available bracelet models and it took us a while to choose one because there were so many amber bracelets. All of them were so pretty.

When we finally made the purchase we couldn’t wait till bracelets arrive. When they arrived we were very content with them. Bracelets looked exactly the same as they looked in the picture. I was happy to see that I could get high quality product for such low price.

My daughter apologized to Ruth and gave her amber bracelets. Ruth accepted the apology and the gift. Now they are best friends again.

I see them every day wearing amber bracelets and enjoying having them on. They even asked for their birthday to get them amber necklaces. I was thrilled to know that they enjoy their bracelets and that their friendship is stronger than ever before.

Alison P.

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