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Family photo

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Two months ago my uncle told me to take a picture of my family because he was planning to make a family tree album. I wanted that the photo of my husband, my little girl and me would represent our values and show how united we are.

My husband Tony and I were trying to find a way to express our family values in one photo. First of all we wanted to represent our love for the nature and our strong and loving family.

Finally we decided that we all going to wear amber necklaces. On the internet I found that Baltic amber is the best one out there. The products made from the Baltic amber are the best. Luckily I found this online shop which offers products for women, men and even for babies. My little Julia is 1 year old and her teeth are starting to grow so I was ecstatic to find baby amber teething necklaces.

For the family photo I ordered raw amber necklaces for the whole family and one more additional oval bead amber teething necklace for Julia.

As amber is a natural product it will symbolize our closeness to the nature. Our unity and strong family values will be expressed by our same design amber necklaces. The photo came out great!

Julia was all smiling and Tony holding my hand looked so strong and loving. Our raw amber necklaces did the job I was expecting.

But the most surprised I was about oval bead amber teething necklace. It helped my baby to relieve the growing teeth pain. She sleeps better and so do we. During the night we can sleep better knowing that our precious girl is having sweet dreams.

When our relatives saw the family picture they were all commenting how loving and caring our family looks. They were even interested in purchasing amber necklaces themselves. I promised I will get amber necklaces and bracelets for my parents for their birthdays.

Molly H.

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