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Closer to the nature with Baltic amber

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Hello everyone! My name is Ruth. Me and my family live in a big city. I have a little boy Mark who is only 1 year and 4 month old. My husband and I love our little boy very much.

As we live in a fast moving city, we want our child to be as close to the nature as possible. We often go to the park or visit a forest. But we thought that it would be nice to have something at home or close to our bodies that would reminds us of nature.

I’ve read somewhere that amber necklaces are the best jewelry for nature lovers. So I decided to get amber necklaces for the three of us. Also I found that Baltic amber is very special and its jewelry is the best.

My husband is not a big jewelry lover but when I showed him amber necklaces available in this online shop he instantly found the one he liked. He chose necklace with oval dark color beads.

When it came to me it was difficult to select one because there are so many necklaces to choose from. Every amber necklace is so perfect. However, I’ve decided which one I liked with the help of my best friend.

I was glad to find that the shop also offers baby amber teething necklaces. Mark is struggling with his teeth and I know that amber necklace is perfect for reducing the growing teeth pain.

It took a while to receive the package but it was worth the wait. We wear necklaces every day. When we go for a walk to the park we get a lot of compliments on our amber necklaces. It is very flattering.

It’s been a month since we started wearing necklaces and I’ve noticed that our boy became calmer. Plus he began to sleep better and hasn’t been waking up very often during the night as he used to.

My whole family is happy with the  purchase. I have never felt closer to the nature than when I have started wearing my beautiful amber necklace. Even my husband never forgets to put on his necklace. No matter where is he going, he always wears it.

Mark gets very upset when he has to take off his amber teething necklace for the night so we are planning to get him amber anklet to wear when he is seeping.



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