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Cat free of any parasites

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My cat Diamond is an outdoor cat. She just can’t stay at home all the time. She is always desperate to get out. Well, unless it is raining. Diamond has a black fur and our neighbor’s cat is also black. Sometimes when the cats are far away from me I sometimes can’t separate them apart. There were many times when I thought that it was Diamond but I was wrong.

As Diamond is an outdoor cat she has to wear a collar which would protect her from various parasites. I would not want my precious kitty get infected or sick because of ticks. Also one time she had fleas and it was a disaster. I forgot to put on a protective collar and she went outside. The cat was always scratching herself and I could see that she felt uncomfortable. Luckily after two weeks of staying at home and using a shampoo designed to remove unwanted parasites from a fur, Diamond was flea-free.

As she has to wear this protective collar almost every day I became very concerned about its effects on my cats health. Some of my friends told me that these protective collars are not the best way dealing with unwanted parasites. They offered me to get raw amber collar.

I was intrigued because I had never heard of that kind of collar. I read that scientist discovered that amber helps to protect pets from parasites. When amber is rubbed in fur it spreads smell which repels parasites from attacking. It is natural way of protecting your animal.

I ordered amber collar and received it after 3 weeks. It looked wonderful on Diamond’s black fur. Now I can easily separate her from my neighbor’s cat.

I would like to say that raw amber collar for pets is really effective and that I am content with the product and with the service I received in this shop. Thank you!


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