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Baltic amber teething necklaces

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Amber teething necklaces – always together, even in the shower!

Emily and Toby started wearing amber teething necklaces a long time ago.

They like their necklaces so much, that Emily and Toby wears them all the time.

When Emily was little she had some problems with her skin. It was suggested to try out raw amber necklaces, bracelets or anklets made out of natural Baltic amber.

Emily started wearing amber necklace every day. During the night she only had her anklet on.

For us it was recommended for the safety of the children to wear amber necklaces and bracelets during the day and leave on anklets during the night.

After some time we didn't even notice when problems with the skin had disappeared.

Now Emily is all grown up and is 5 years old but she never separates with her amber necklace.

Toby was a very grumpy child. Always had fights with his friends. When he was 2 years old we bought him amber teething necklace for his birthday.

After several months we noticed that the boy started to change. He started to spend more time with his sister Emily. Also Toby started to get along with his friends and always listens to his parents and grandparents.

Now brother and sister are the best friends and they both wear amber necklaces and never separate with them.

Baltic amber teething necklaces made them closer and have a better relationship. Toby is wearing devil cherry color amber necklace while Emily enjoys wearing perfectly round honey color amber necklace.

Emily and Toby’s parents:

Kristen and Peter

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