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Baltic amber jewelry for my little girl

Posted by Jenny on 3rd Apr 2014

My name is Jenny and I have a nice family. Two sons: Tony who is 3 years old and Paul who is 8 years old.

Also I have a little girl Megan who is only 1 year old.

My daughter is always anxious, doesn’t sleep well and constantly cries. I try to take care of her, make sure she feels happy.

We visit doctors, but they say that she is healthy and that everything is all right. She is growing well and strong.

I took interest in Baltic amber and decided to buy Megan amber teething necklace.

I chose to buy raw amber teething necklace. I bought it from Lithuanian manufacturers in order to be sure that it was genuine Baltic amber.

When we received necklace, we were amazed that it was made qualitatively. Amber teething necklace was very light and my daughter loved it.

When we put necklace on Megan, she started to touch it with her little fingers.

When we took off amber necklace before bedtime daughter started to cry. It was recommended by manufacturers to take off necklace during the night for the safety of the child

I bought amber anklet for her to wear during the night.

Now my little girl is happy. She got used to putting on necklace in the morning and taking it off before sleep and putting on amber teething anklet.

It became our daily routine and we didn't even notice that she started to sleep better and became calmer.

I don’t know if amber teething necklace helped her or what. I just know that Megan liked it, she feels better. For me as a mother it is always wonderful to see my daughter smiling and not crying as she used to do.

Now Megan is 2 years old and she is joyful and vigorous. The girl eats and sleeps well. She never separates from her precious amber teething necklace and wears it every day. Also during the night she likes to have her amber teething anklet on.

When we take off necklace, we put it in the linen bag which we received when we bought the necklace. It is very convenient to keep it that way.

At the moment I am thinking of buying amber necklaces and bracelets for our whole family. I believe that Baltic amber jewelry will help to make our family to feel closer. And that they will help to fight all troubles which we face in our lives.