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Amber jewelry set for my twins

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My name is Clark and I am stay at home dad. My wife has a very busy job. So I take care of our children. We have a son who is 10 years old and twin daughters 2 years old.

I want to share you my story about what happened. When my daughters Christy and Ariel were 1 year old something happened and they couldn’t sleep in the same room.

Me and my wife were very worried and didn’t know what to do. Our relatives suggested to try amber jewelry because it calms people down.

I searched the internet and found out that the best amber is Baltic amber. Then I looked for an online shop which sells amber teething necklaces. I wanted best quality Baltic amber jewelry for the lowest price.

I was surprised of how many colors I could choose from. Every  amber necklace looked so beautiful. When I showed them to my wife she asked me to order a set of amber necklace and bracelet for her birthday. I was very glad, because now I wouldn’t have to worry what kind of present to get her.

The first thing I paid attention when looking for amber necklaces for my daughters was safety. This shop offers necklaces, bracelets and anklets safe for children to wear. The first thing I liked is that every bead is separated with a knot. If necklace breaks then beads won’t spill and children won’t be able to swallow any.

As I have twins I decided to get my girls necklaces and anklets of the same model and color. When we received our purchased jewelry we tried to put on necklaces on the girls’ necks. They looked very pretty. During the night we put on anklets.

After a weak of wearing their new amber jewelry we decided that it was time to try for the Christy and Ariel to sleep in the same room. We were so content when the girls slept like angels. They had the best sleep in their life.

Right now I am planning to order amber teething bracelets for my girls to have a complete set. I want to say that the service of this online shop was brilliant and I will definitely recommend it to my friends and family. 

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