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amber teething necklaces round beads

Round amber necklaces are made of exclusive beads which are totally round – the shape which resembles an ideal sphere. The shape of the round beads is very different from the chip ones because their shape is much more smooth and perfect. Special efforts and skills are needed for the production of the round amber beads. Bigger pieces of amber are required to produce them. Round amber beads look prettier and are more pleasant to touch and play with. If you would like to know more about amber teething necklaces and bracelets, read our news. If you are interested in the production process of amber necklaces and bracelets, you can find the information in our website. Do you need help choosing the right size, we will help you: you can find the information here. Baltic amber necklaces for baby made with round beads are more expensive, because they are more durable and massage body more gently. From 20 kilograms of raw amber about 2 kilograms of round beads are produced. It also depends on the size of the raw amber pieces. Big pieces are extremely rear and hard to find. Welcome to our blog, visit us.

Round amber beads are produced only manually with natural wood polishing tools. No chemicals are used during their production. Also the drilling requires more precision as the hole must be drilled right through the centre of a bead, otherwise it will rise above others in a necklace. Although round amber necklaces are not the cheap ones, they are the most popular model among the buyers in our online shop. In order to make a remarkable baby Baltic amber necklace, special quality control measures are taken to guarantee the quality of rounded beads as they must be perfect. The baby is definitely going to enjoy this present!

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