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amber teething necklaces oval beads

Oval amber teething necklaces are made of oval-shape amber beads. We also like to call them “olive amber necklaces” because they resemble a real olive without pits. The processing of oval-shape amber beads is similar to the production of round beads. The only difference is that oblong beads are peeled and polished to the shape of an oval instead of a perfect sphere. Your baby is going to enjoy this necklace because it is comfortable and healthy to wear. If you would like to know more about amber teething necklaces and bracelets, read our news. If you are interested in the production process of amber necklaces and bracelets, you can find the information in our website. Do you need help choosing the right size, we will help you: you can find the information here. Another significant part of amber processing is the drilling of a hole. The holes must be made exactly in a middle of a bead in order to keep it stable and to protect from splitting into half. The process requires jeweler with a lot of knowledge and skill. In addition, a huge amount of raw amber material is required. To produce 2 kilograms of oval amber beads, about 20 kilos of raw amber material is needed. The remains of amber are too small to be used for manufacturing necklaces or bracelets. However, it can only be used in amber paintings or for various decorations.Welcome to our blog, visit us.

We offer you to choose from many different shades of color of oval beads. Also, amber necklaces are made from oval beads or mixed with round and oval beads.

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