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We always want that our children would be happy, always pleased, never grumpy, never ill and that they would be smiling most of the time.

That is why we offer only natural products and make sure they are of the highest quality. Make sure before buying necklaces for babies that they are made qualitatively and are safe to use. Our products are safe for babies to wear!

Baltic amber teething necklaces and bracelets are pretty to wear and great to provide natural pain relief during teething. Our products made of natural Baltic amber are wonderfully made, comfortable, not heavy, and radiate energies of peace and calm. It is important to note that amber teething jewelry is made for wearing not for chewing. Thus babies should be always supervised while wearing jewelry.

Necklaces of natural amber make us closer to the nature.  We make some kind of connection with the nature, thus we are calm and less stressed. It is said that we get most of the diseases because of stress and nervous situations.

If you want to protect your children give them a piece of amber so called gold of the Baltic countries.

In old days in the Baltic countries amber was considered as a very precious jewelry, which has mystical powers and healing properties. Now in many parts of the world Baltic amber is being discussed. It is much appreciated in Europe because amber acid is necessary for our system.

There are many opinions concerning Baltic amber however the best one is – try it yourself and share your opinion about amber with others.

Necklaces made out of round and oval forms of Baltic amber beads will be perfect for your baby. We suggest you to wear amber necklaces during the day and take them off during the night time. However during the night you can leave your amber teething anklet on. In our shop you can find a great variety of them.  

We advise those who have some kind of health issues to choose products made out of raw amber - raw amber necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Raw amber is unpolished amber, only integument is peeled off and later amber is smoothed. Raw amber necklaces are not shiny. Wearing raw amber necklaces every day makes raw amber start to shine a little when it is in contact with human skin.

For everyone else who wants to choose necklaces for the purpose of the beauty we offer polished amber products. They are also produced only using 100% genuine Baltic amber.

Baltic amber – that is pine resin formed a long time ago in the Baltic Sea. 

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