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Amber properties, its beauty and value

Amber pine resin flowed and hardened also it was exposed to different temperatures and weather conditions. Depending on the environment, amber has different chemical and physical properties. That is why amber found in the same location can have different shape, color, hardness and clarity.
Amber is yellow but has various shades from light golden to red. White, ivory, even greenish or blue pieces of amber can be found.
Amber is valued not only for its golden color but also for its transparency of various light transmissions. As amber pieces are of uneven shape, light rays break through them differently and because of all the impurities it produces wonderful sight effects. That’s why amber artisans try not to affect these properties in their production and even try to emphasize them.
Amber is not easily affected by external factors. It does not dissolve in the water and that is why after millions of years it did not left any traces in the water.
Amber smoulders. Scientists found that amber consists not of one chemical formula but is a mixture of several organic materials. Amber can float in the water that is why waves drop it so easily.
Amber influenced by alcohol or ether decomposes to amber acid, tar and other materials. Amber softens in 150 ° C, melts in 350-375 ° C temperature. When it smoulders amber smells very nice and that’s why in the Middle Ages was used as incense.
When amber is cut into two pieces it can be noticed that its surface is darker than the inside. That is because oxygen in the long term affects amber. Amber coat color depends on the color of the whole amber while the thickness – from its location (earth or sea). Amber found in the earth has a thicker coat and has various shapes. Amber found in the sea was rubbed down by the waves that is why its coat is thinner and lighter and is more transparent.
Depending on its color and clarity amber is divided into the following types:
Transparent amber – one of the most values type.
Bone amber – an opaque, low-toned, more similar to ivory than to amber, also it is softer.
Foam amber – its looks are distant to amber. This kind of amber color and structure reminds of stiff foam.

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