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We are Baltic amber jewelry manufacturers. Our company has been making high quality amber jewelry for children, women and men for 20 years.

Amber necklaces and bracelets are made according to all quality and safety requirements:

1. Beads are made perfectly round and oval;

2. Holes are made right in the middle and aredrilled manually - not by machine;

3. Beads are separated from each other using knots (if a necklace breaks loose, the beads will not fall apart, thus children cannot swallow them.

 We pay great attention to the production of baby beads and make sure that they fit all safety requirements:

We chose a proper thread (the thread tied in knots will not break using 90N force).

We make sure that knots are tied properly between beads and that there is no space between them.

We select an appropriate fastener.

 We have a wide range of jewelry to choose from: beads are made from polished and raw amber. Polished amber is processed in an inartificial way with natural materials (natural wood polishing tools).  No chemical substances are used as our production technology is ecological. Baby amber necklaces can be worn by babies with sensitive skin or can be placed into mouth, therefore any chemicals can cause allergy and can be harmful. Our jewelers select raw material. We personally check the quality of each piece as we buy or collect the materials ourselves. Only 100% natural Baltic amber is used. You can find a great variety of colors, diverse necklaces and bracelets for all your family.

Available sizes to choose from:

Bead sizes for children:

Bead sizes for adults:

Our customers are very satisfied with our production. We receive a lot of good feedback. Customers are glad to come back and purchase in our shop again.

Ausra Pilinkiene

A.Pilinkienes II

Azuolo sodu 6-9, Telsiai


 Baltic amber teething necklaces and bracelets

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